Top 5 Diaper Rash Creams, Review

Top 5 Diaper Rash Creams, Review
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I have done a bit of research and came to my own conclusion.  I would recommend one of my top five picks as listed below.  Of course, I chose Cetaphil Hypoallergenic, but the others are great too!

Pick what you would prefer to use even if it’s not on here, I’m just giving my two cents worth.

What to Look for in Diaper Rash Cream

Most creams and ointments treat diaper rash by acting as a physical barrier. Literally protecting your baby’s bottom from the irritating enzymes. The ingredients to look for and do work best for treating diaper rash: zinc oxide, lanolin, aloe, and calendula.

Thicker creams and pastes are best for soothing existing or severe rashes, while ointments are ideal for preventing diaper rash from occurring. Avoid products with heavy fragrance, petroleum-based products like Vaseline, AND baby powder.

When to See Your Baby’s Doctor

If your baby’s diaper rash persists for longer than a few days after using diaper rash cream, go see your child’s doctor. The diaper rash may have developed into a yeast infection or allergies. Be sure to change your baby’s diaper as soon as it’s wet or soiled, and use a cream with each change to help protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

If possible, let your child be without a diaper on for a little while each day. A time to air out that sensitive bottom!

Aquaphor Baby Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment Skin Protectant

This cream is excellent for creating a moisture barrier to protect your baby’s skin from a soiled diaper. It’s great for preventing or healing diaper rash on your baby.

Cetaphil Diaper Cream (Hypoallergenic)

Cetaphil’s products are known for being incredibly gentle on even the most sensitive of skin. It boasts a hypoallergenic formula and contains added vitamins to help nourish your baby’s bottom with an extra layer of protection from wetness.

A+D Original Ointment

A+D has been around for more than 60 years. This diaper rash ointment is a trusted brand among many generations. You can get it in different sizes, making it an affordable choice for keeping your baby’s skin healthy. It’s now available in a zinc-oxide cream, which many recommend calming a severe rash.

Desitin Rapid Relief Diaper Rash Remedy

It helps relieve diaper rash within the first 12 hours of use. It’s an affordable choice for those on a strict budget.

Earth Mama’s Organic Diaper Balm

This is an all-natural diaper cream, it contains plant-based ingredients that nourishes your baby’s skin while fighting off the diaper rash. It is safe to use with cloth diapers. An affordable choice for keeping your baby’s skin healthy.

I asked my grown children who have children of their own, one prefers A+D ointment and the other preferred Cetaphil. I used Desitin. A lot has changed since and there are way more options now than there was almost 30 years ago!  It’s really up to the parent and what their preferences are.

I’m only here to give you information so you can make informed decisions for your own child.

I hope you liked my recommendations. If you have any other recommendations not listed here, please leave in the comments section. I would love to hear them.


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jeff says:

Great informational post on baby diaper rash cream, even though my sons are all grown up my nephews are newly married with children on the way so I will be sure to share your website with them.

You are helping so many new parents with your posts, I know many young parents will be reading your post regularly for you awesome tips and products


Hi Jeff,

Thank you. I try to be informative and helpful. Please feel free to pass my site around. The more, the merrier right? 🙂

All the best,


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